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We love our carriers, but…

We love our carriers! We really do because we cannot provide people with insurance without them, BUT we are loyal to YOU! This means as much as we love our carriers, we love you more, and we will go through whatever measures to get you the best possible plan that’s right for you! This means sometimes we have to give a little bit of love to a bunch of different carriers instead of giving all of our love to just once when setting you up with the right plan!

When we’re looking for the right clothes or shoes, we love to shop around! We want the best clothes for the best price. So if we have to buy t-shirts at one place and sneakers somewhere else, we do that to save a few bucks. So why wouldn’t you do that for health insurance? In fact, why wouldn’t you let an agent who understands all the confusing jargon do the mixing and matching to get you the best value?

Stress Free can work with ANY criteria you have:

  • Go to the doctor’s office often? Well, we can set you up with the right plan for that and we can also get you a plan that, at no additional cost, gives you access to free online consultations with a doctor that can diagnose you and give you prescriptions over your phone or computer!
  • You don’t go to the doctor’s office often? Good! We have plans that won’t charge you for a copay you never use, but still gives you discounts in case you do need to see a doctor, specialist, or urgent care!
  • Need dental work done tomorrow, but don’t have a dental plan? That’s okay! We have plans that have no waiting period, which means that you can benefit from these plans as early as tomorrow! And don’t worry, these plans tend to be better and sometimes even cheaper than your standard dental plans!
  • But what about my prescriptions? We have plans that can get you generic prescriptions for as low as $3 dollars

The sky is the limit here!

You aren’t standard and we understand that. What may work for someone else, may not work for you. At Stress Free we want to help you get the most amount of benefits at a rate that you will be happy with!

We won’t overcomplicate it! Pick up the phone, say hello, and you’ll be connected to a licensed health insurance professional who will guide you with CLEAR, AFFORDABLE and USABLE Health Plans in just a few minutes!

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