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Are you worried about your hair? Let’s take a look at the early signs that you’re losing your hair.


What do your parents look like? Seriously, is your dad bald? Does your mom have wispy thinning hair? Heredity plays a big role in hair loss, but the exact genetics map is not well understood. There is evidence of several different genes being implicated both on the X and the Y chromosome.

There is a considerable research being done in this area right now, but the definitive answer remains elusive. Some studies suggest up to 80% of your hair loss problem is genetic. Some studies point to genes on the X chromosome (from your mother’s side of the family) as being the main culprit, and other studies point to the Y chromosome from your father.

Fortunately, many mates find baldness attractive or this particular genetic attribute would have been weeded out a long time ago by evolution. You may not be thrilled with thinning hair, but plenty of individuals find it a very sexy thing.


It’s always hard to judge the changes in something that you see every day like your face in the mirror. So, pull out some old full-face photos and compare them to your face today.  Is your hairline significantly receding? Does your hair look much thinner? That’s a sign that your hair is changing.

Hair Styles

Are you wearing your hair in a different style than you used to because you feel like your old style now shows too much scalp? Are you wearing bangs because you’re trying to hide an ever-enlarging forehead?

These are all signs that your hair and/or hairline is changing. Let us help you before you are complehtely bald. The sooner you start therapy, the better the results.

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