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As we all know, health insurance in the US is a serious problem. Coverage is very expensive, confusing and post policies are unusable. Unusable because they cost too much to use them. Many times you are much better off paying directly then actually using your insurance.

Nowadays, due to this crisis, we have some options rather than just paying the high price for healthcare. There are membership plans available that can save you big money on doctor visits, prescription drugs and even offer you, professional advocates, that pre-negotiate the price of your services before the test or procedure. Not only services like x-rays, CT scans etc. but even surgeries. The real good ones even include the option to unlimited face to face video conferencing with your doctor (Tele-Medicine).

Did you know that over 80% of medical conditions can be treated over the phone? Colds, coughs, skin conditions, headaches, sports injuries and much more can all be diagnosed and medicine prescribed all included in your monthly membership fee. For example, a Doctor can diagnose a sore throat over the phone and prescribe antibiotics to your pharmacy of choice and all from the comfort of your own home.

Better Benefits is one of these premier medical plans. They offer a low affordable monthly payment, access to over 400,000 doctors and 2000 hospitals in their network, family doctors and specialists included, and free doctor consultations via phone and video with virtually no waiting time. With over 60,000 Ancillary facilities, you can save up to 50% on doctor visits and medical procedures. There is no need to fill out forms, no waiting for reimbursements, and no negotiation. Their members receive immediate savings on the spot!

In reference to surgeries, most members see a $13,000 savings on average with no appreciable difference in quality. With a Better Benefits Membership Plan, you receive Concierge service. What exactly does this mean? Simply put, Concierges are waiting to address healthcare options, concerns, and needs, before, during and after a healthcare event. They also assist in locating a physician, reducing prescription costs, transferring medical records, and finding a healthcare facility, lab or imaging services.

All this alone is well worth the price of admission. However, as if this weren’t enough, I find tremendous value in having a professional advocate on my side with the training and experience to negotiate your medical bills, saving you on average 85% on your procedure. And get this, pre-existing conditions are also included. Even if you have old medical bills prior to becoming a member they can help with that as well. More often then not these plans pay for themselves and save you a considerable amount of money.

As an added bonus and at no additional cost members also receive big discounts on Dental with over 161,000 dental practice locations across the country, 10,500 Optical centers like LensCrafters, Pearl Vision etc., Hearing, and Diabetes supplies, all for just showing your Wellcard membership ID included in the plan.

With over 50 million Americans without Health Insurance and 30 million uninsured, not to mention those who can’t use their existing plan because of their high deductible and shrinking networks, Americans are finding more and more this membership plan to be a very viable choice in getting great Healthcare and very affordable pricing.

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