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I was speaking to my colleagues and partners recently when we all realized how it seems that sleep deprivation doesn’t only impact us, but seems to be an epidemic impacting everyone from people as young as our kids in grade school to even our retired parents. 

Well, Why is that? 

Based on our research from the last 10 years of experience with data and all the R&D available to us, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that we simply can’t turn off all the daily anxieties that keep us up at night. What’s worse, the medicines we use today could be killing us.

What are we talking about?

Simple things like being stuck in traffic can elevate your stress levels to the ceiling, which activates high amounts of cortisol. High levels of cortisol are known to cause acne, muscle fatigue, irritability, headaches, and even weight gain around the midsection, upper back, and face.

Instances like the one specified above, bio hack our system with the biggest bug we can get, “anxiety and stress”. When we mix this with sleep deprivation, it begins to feel like our environment is constantly working against us.

But don’t worry! We can regain our control! 

Check this brain supplement that helps with brain fog and helps clear the clutter in our minds, so we can get the peaceful rest we deserve and need! 

More importantly, click here for Qualia-a Brain Supplement that helps rebalance ourselves from all the negative effects of prescription drugs that so many of us have become accustomed to taking.

Once we control our mind, we can empower ourselves to take back control of our lives and get back to having quality sleep!

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